Sexy beauty real half body doll male masturbation device


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Product Description:

Immersive enjoyment: Our half body doll provide you with an immersive and fun experience through exquisite craftsmanship and realistic design, allowing you to unleash your inner passion.

Realistic look and feel: Carefully crafted appearance details and soft and elastic touch allow you to feel the warmth and tenderness of a real human body.

Multifunctional design meets various needs: The half-length doll has a variety of adjustable positions to meet your different taste preferences and exploration needs, allowing you to enjoy a new experience.

Private packaging to protect privacy: We promise that all products will be delivered in private packaging to protect your privacy and allow you to shop with peace of mind.

Easy to clean and maintain: Designed with ease of cleaning in mind, this product can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild detergent to maintain hygiene.

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Estimated delivery dates: Jun 28, 2024 - Jul 3, 2024
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Product details and guarantee:

  1. Safe and reliable material: Made of medical-grade high-quality silicone material to ensure that the product is harmless to the skin, allowing you to use it with confidence and enjoy a pleasant time.
  2. Perfect after-sales service: We provide comprehensive after-sales service. Whether it is product consultation, maintenance suggestions or after-sales repairs, we will provide you with timely and professional support.
  3. High-quality service: We provide round-the-clock customer service support to answer your questions and needs at any time.
  4. Durability, value preservation and appreciation: Carefully selected materials and professional production ensure the durability of the product, as well as its value preservation and appreciation performance, making your investment more valuable.
  5. Health, happiness and respect: We take health, happiness and respect as our core values and are committed to providing you with a healthy, pleasant and respectful interesting life experience.
Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8.6 × 28.5 cm


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half body dollSexy beauty real half body doll male masturbation device